An Esperanto Haiku

I haven’t posted in quite a while, due to some health problems. I hope to be back up and running in the near future.

Just so things don’t get too static, I have decided to post an Esperanto haiku I wrote. Haiku is a Japanese poetic form, in which there are five syllables in the first and last lines, and seven in the third. Ideally, the poem concerns a particular moment in time, usually with references to nature. Also ideally, the reader does not understand the poem until the last line.

In Esperanto poetry, it is considered acceptable to drop the final ‘o’ to make a line scan, replacing it with an apostrophe. I have used that convention. I have a long history of writing science fiction haiku, and I followed up on that here. Anyway, here is the poem:


Estas sen varmo

Eta punkt’ en mallumo

La sun’ el Pluto


Translation (which reflects the meaning but does not honor the syllable count):

It is without warmth

A tiny dot in darkness

The sun above Pluto.


Another translation (very free, but honors the poetic form):

Light that gives no heat

Tiny point in the dark sky

Sun seen from Pluto.

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