An Invisible Bail that Won’t Flip

I haven’t posted anything for a while because I have been dealing with commissions. However, so as to not get too far behind, I thought I would do a short post.

Invisible bails are bails on the backs of pendants, so they cannot be seen when being worn. However, they can have drawbacks. If they are not just the right width, a pendant can flip so the obverse shows instead of the face. If they are too high, they can be seen from certain angles, defeating the purpose of an invisible bail. If they are too low, they can flip from top to bottom.

While working on a holiday pendant, a solution occurred to me. This is so simple that I can’t be the first person to think of it. However, I do not recall seeing it before.

Just so there is some context, the face of the pendant (a bronze design with a holiday tree on it) appears below.

20171202_141649Now for the other side.


The three point anchor means the pendant will not flip, either from side to side or from bottom to top. Because there are three points holding it in place, the chain looks natural when it is worn (I tried it with two points, and the chain does not look right).

If you haven’t already run into this on  your own, it is a way to make pendants with invisible bails that hang naturally and do not flip. I hope this is of benefit to you in your jewelry adventures.

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