Bronze II

IMG_0600I continue to work with bronze. These are a pair of earrings with a hummingbird design (as in all pictures, the coin is for scale). These were made by stamping the bronze clay then drying it over a plastic Easter egg. That gave a degree of roundedness that made the earrings much more visually interesting than they would have been had they simply been flat.



This pendant is an Aztec dog. I am well aware that Aztecs did not have bronze, but it’s the material I used. I used an icepick bale. This piece represents a bit of an experiment. Instead of simply darkening for patina, I mixed a green and a brown alcohol ink. I then painted the piece, and sanded off almost all the ink. That left the pendant with the look of ancient bronze.IMG_0599

This pendant is an experiment in blended styles. The phoenix is western in style. The sun is drawn from a Native American petroglyph. Again, I experimented with alcohol inks. I used liver of sulfur to bring out the phoenix, but used a blue-green alcohol ink on the sun. The sun was then sanded so that only traces of the ink remained. To give a hint of mixed metals, I made the jump ring joining the pendant to the bale from copper wire. The bale is also bronze, but of a different alloy than the pendant, so it has a different appearance.

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