Art Deco

Art Deco was an artistic style that became popular in France, just beforBe the First World War, and continued for several decades later. It is characterized by bold geometrics, and, often, a streamlined design.

I recently came on some Art Deco molds, and saw the possibilities for use with metal clay. Below are two Art Deco pieces in greenware, both made from Aussie ruby bronze. Since this clay can be fired at a relatively low temperature, I was able to include a sapphire cabochon.

The same two pieces, after firing, tumbling, and applying a light patina appear below. In all images of finished pieces, a coin is included to provide scale.

I thought these were successes, so I tried three more Art Deco pieces. These were made with Fastfire Bronz clay.

Art Deco and metal clay just seem to go together. Look around for Art Deco molds. They can be the start of some very appealing work.

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